Signify at Lightfare RFP

Philips Lighting rebranded as Signify and needed a new 80'x80' booth to debut at Lightfare. 
The new Signify logo was the main inspiration for the design of the booth. A circle around the S with an opening at the top symbolizes light shining through. This detail is repeated at various scales throughout. A perimeter overhead banner defines the large space and an opportunity for highly visible branding. Black architectural elements on the ground give the space a sleek feel while allowing the light areas, which showcase the product, to shine. A centralized overhead lighting element beckons attendees to come in.
In order to best display Signify lighting products, I added some light-control to the tradeshow environment. The interior lighting is displayed in four pods that have a ceiling and walls. Outdoor lighting is displayed at the four corners of the booth. A fifth pod at the back of the space contains a meeting room and storage.
The booth, in plan, also resembles the logo circle. Lighter carpeting connects the five pods and darker carpet creates an opening that leads the eye into the center of the space as an attendee approaches.
The pods have a horizontal slot at eye level, allowing peeks inside, enticing a closer look and referencing the opening of the logo. They also provide opportunities for imagery and branding on the inside, as well as, way finding on the outside. This pod displays retail lighting.
The center of the booth space is a presentation and conversation area. This central space also features iPads with information on a new software that allows connection between smart lighting elements.
The overhead lighting element in the center changes colors to signal when presentations are happening. 

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