Philips Oral Healthcare 20'x60'

Philips Oral Healthcare needed a flexible booth that would travel to many shows a year for multiple years. The booth spaces would be 20'x20', 20'x40', and 20'x60' and in various locations of a show floor. In order to make the booth accessible from every approach I created two L-shaped structures facing in opposite directions. They provide large surfaces for branding and a large LED screen. These structures can be used in the smaller booths or facing in one direction if the main approach requires it. The clean white look with large lit branding speaks to the world of dentistry.
The booth space contained selling stations in the front and the back. Two interactive kiosks in the center and toothbrush trial stations in the back. The trial stations are located in a hidden spot so attendees can try the toothbrushes in the most private space possible on a show floor. They then exited near the back selling stations so a sales representative was ready to continue the conversation.

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